Book Reviews

Books Published in 2016

From Cold War to Cyber War:
The Evolution of the International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict over the Last 25 Years

Edited by Hans-Joachim Heintze and Pierre Thielbörger

Reviewed by Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark
24 FYBIL (2014–2015) (forthcoming)

Books Published in 2015

Advanced Introduction to the Law of International Organizations

By Jan Klabbers

Reviewed by Gian Luca Burci
24 FYBIL (2014–2015) (forthcoming)

Research Handbook on International Law and Cyberspace

Edited by Nicholas Tsagourias and Russell Buchan

Reviewed by Samuli Haataja
24 FYBIL (2014–2015) (forthcoming)

Books Published in 2014

Weapons under International Human Rights Law

Edited by Stuart Casey-Maslen

Reviewed by Natalia Jevglevskaja
24 FYBIL (2014–2015) (forthcoming)

Books Published in 2013

Statehood and Self-Determination:
Reconciling Tradition and Modernity in International Law

Edited by Duncan French

Reviewed by Tero Lundstedt
24 FYBIL (2014–2015) (forthcoming)

Books Published in 2012

The Right to Self-determination under International Law: ‘Selfistans’, Secession, and the Rule of Great Powers

By Milena Sterio

Reviewed by Tero Lundstedt
23 FYBIL (2012–2013) 463

Foreign Investment and the Environment in International Law

By Jorge E. Viñuales

Reviewed by Maria Pohjanpalo
23 FYBIL (2012–2013) 469

Books Published in 2011

Disobeying the Security Council:
Countermeasures against Wrongful Sanctions

By Antonios Tzanakopoulos

Reviewed by Anna Hood
22 FYBIL (2011) 295

Books Published in 2010

The Law against War:
The Prohibition on the Use of Force in Contemporary International Law

By Olivier Corten

Reviewed by Daniel Janse
21 FYBIL (2010) 331

The Advancement of International Law

By Charles Leben

Reviewed by Jan Klabbers
21 FYBIL (2010) 343

Genocide and Political Groups

By David Nersessian

Reviewed by William Schabas
21 FYBIL (2010) 345

Books Published in 2009

Human Rights, Southern Voices:
Francis Deng, Abdullahi An-Nai’m, Yash Gai and Upendra Baxi

Edited by William Twining

Reviewed by Ukri Soirila
20 FYBIL (2009) 424

Human Rights: Confronting Myths and Misunderstandings

By Andrew Fagan

Reviewed by Varro Vooglaid
20 FYBIL (2009) 429

Books Published in 2008

An Introduction to Space Law (3rd edition)

By I. H. Ph. Diederiks-Verschoor and Vladimir Kopal

Reviewed by Jan Klabbers
20 FYBIL (2009) 421

Legal Control of the Private Military Corporation

By Jackson Maogoto, Benedict Sheehy and Virginia K. Newell

Reviewed by Erkki Holmila
19 FYBIL (2008) 366

Diplomatic Protection

By Chittharanjan F. Amerasinghe

Reviewed by Paavo Kotiaho
19 FYBIL  (2008) 384

Jurisdiction in International Law

By Cedric Ryngaert

Reviewed by
 Rain Liivoja
19 FYBIL (2008) 397

Human Rights: An Anthropological Reader

Edited by Mark Goodale

Reviewed by Reetta Toivanen
19 FYBIL (2008) 402

The New Global Trading Order:
The Evolving State and the Future of World Trade

By Dennis Patterson and Ari Afilalo

Reviewed by Silke Trommer
19 FYBIL (2008) 406

Books Published in 2007

The Role of the Environment in Poverty Alleviation

Edited by Paolo Galizzi and Alena Herklotz

Reviewed by Manuel Jiménez Fonseca
19 FYBIL (2008) 374

Law, War and Crime:
War Crimes Trials and the Reinvention of International Law

By Gerry Simpson

Reviewed by Katja Creutz
18 FYBIL (2007) 369

The Decolonization of International Law: State Succession and the Law of Treaties

By Matthew Craven

Reviewed by Jan Klabbers
18 FYBIL (2007) 379

Toinen maailmanpolitiikka: 10 käsitettä feministiseen kansainvälisten suhteiden tutkimukseen

Edited by Johanna Kantola and Johanna Valenius

Reviewed by Outi Korhonen
18 FYBIL (2007) 383


Edited by Simon Chesterman and Chia Lehnardt

Reviewed by Erkki Holmila
19 FYBIL (2008) 366

Books Published in 2006

The Universal and the Particular in Legal Reasoning

Edited by Zenon Bankowski and James MacLean

Reviewed by Shakira Bedoya Sánchez
19 FYBIL (2008) 363

Truth Commissions and Procedural Fairness

By Mark Freeman

Reviewed by Timo Kallinen
18 FYBIL (2007) 375


Edited by Anne Orford

Reviewed by Outi Korhonen
18 FYBIL (2007) 383

Books Published in 2005

Legal Aspects of Implementing the Kyoto Protocol Mechanisms: Making Kyoto Work

Edited by David Freestone and Charlotte Streck

Reviewed by Kati Kulovesi
19 FYBIL (2008) 389

Books Published in 2004

The International Climate Change Regime: A Guide to Rules, Institutions and Procedures

By Farhana Yamin and Joanna Depledge

Reviewed by Kati Kulovesi
19 FYBIL (2008) 389