Volume 1 (1990)



Vladimir-Djuro Degan
Customary Process in International Law

Martti Koskenniemi
The Normative Force of Habit: International Custom and Social Theory

Veijo Heiskanen
The Relation of International and Municipal Law

Frank Horn
Certain Questions Relating to the Functions of Depositaries of Treaties

Hagen Henry
Justice Through Cultural Diversity: The Problem of Justice in a New International Economic Order

Shorter Articles, Notes and Comments

Heiki Lindpere
Evaluation of the Soviet-German Pacts of August 23 and September 28, 1939, from the Standpoint of International Law

Henn-Jüri Uibopuu
The Constitutional Development of the Estonian SSR since 1988

Vanda Lamm
The Situation in Hungary of Refugees from Romania

Ryszard W. Piotrowicz
Review Article: “The Legal Status of Berlin”: The Problem of Differing Perspectives on the German Question

Ruth Donner
Council of Europe Treaty Making

Kari Joutsamo
Inter-Governmental Organizations: New Directions

Richard B. Lillich
Transplanting Organs from Living Donors: an International Regime or More Free Enterprise

Book Reviews

Lauri Hannikainen, Peremptory Norms (Jus Cogens) in International Law: Historical Development, Criteria, Present Status (Theodore S. Orlin)

Martti Koskenniemi, From Apology to Utopia: the Structure of International Legal Argument (Malgosia Fitzmaurice)

The New Asylum Seekers: The Refugee Law in the 1980′s (Ruth Donner)