Volume 11 (2000)


Paavo Nikula
Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union | 3

Daniel Thym
Charter of Fundamental Rights: Competition or Consistency of Human Rights Protection in Europe? | 11

Päivi Leino
All Dressed up and Nowhere to Go: The Debate on the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights | 37

Maija Karvinen
Les clauses relatives aux droits de l’homme dans les relations externes de la Communauté européenne | 83

Juha-Pekka Rentto
Quo Vadis Europa? A Query Concerning the Moral Underpinnings of the Western Civilization à propos the Fiftieth Anniversary of Human Rights Rhetoric |121

Salla Lötjönen
Medical Research on Children in Europe: For or against Human Rights? | 163

Costas Douzinas
Six Theses on the End(s) of Human Rights | 201

Cyril Uchenna Gwam
The Politics of Human Rights: a Case Study of the 57th Session of the Commission on Human Rights | 221

Nicholas Tsagourias
Globalization, Order and the Rule of Law | 247

Soili Nystén-Haarala
The Conflict between Chechnya and Russia Seen in the Light of Russian Constitutional Law | 265

Barbara Ann Hocking
Evaluating Self-Determination of Indigenous People through Political Processes and Territorial Rights: The Status of the Nordic Saami from an Australian Perspective | 289

Tuomas Kuokkanen
International Law and the Expropriation of Natural Resources | 325

Allahyar Mouri
State Responsibility: A Green Law View | 359

Book Reviews & Review Articles

Annelise Riles, The Network Inside Out (Miia Halme) | 417

Alain Badiou, D’un désastre obscur. Sur la fin de la verité de l’État; Alain Badiou, Ethics: An Essay on the Understanding of Evil (Martti Koskenniemi) | 430

Sonia Lucarelli, Europe and the Breakup of Yugoslavia: A Political Failure in Search of a Scholarly Explanation (Teija Tiilikainen) | 442

Maivân Clech Lâm, At the Edge of the State: Indigenous Peoples and Self-Determination (James Summers) | 444

Konstantinos D. Magliveras, Exclusion from Participation in International Organizations: The Law and Practice Behind Member States’ Expulsion and Suspension of Membership (Jan Klabbers) | 448

Obiora Chinedu Okafor, Re-Defining Legitimate Statehood: International Law and State Fragmentation in Africa (Riikka Koskenmäki) | 450

Ramses A. Wessel, The European Union’s Foreign and Security Policy: A Legal Institutional Perspective (Inger Österdahl) | 457

Tom Gullberg, State, Territory and Identity: The Principle of National Self-Determination, the Question of Territorial Sovereignty in Carinthia and other Post Habsburg Territories after the First World War (James Summers) | 460

A New Finnish Doctoral Dissertation in International Law

Tuomas Kuokkanen
International Law and the Environment: Variations on a Theme (lectio praecursoria, 8 December 2000) | 462

Review by Philippe Sands | 465

Recent Developments and State Practice

Lauri Hannikainen
The Russian-Speaking and Ethnic Russian Minority in Finland in the Light of Finland’s International Obligations | 471

Elements of Finnish Practice 2000 | 487

Index to the First Ten Volumes of the Yearbook | 497

General Information for Authors | 503

Ius Gentium Association | 513