Volume 12 (2001)

Symposium: Justice without Borders? Externalizing Criminal Punishment for Past Atrocities

Chandra Lekha Sriram & Brad R. Roth (editors)
Introduction: Externalization of Justice: What Does It Mean and What Is at Stake? | 3

Amy Ross
Geographies of Justice: International Law, National Sovereignty and Human Rights | 7

Brad R. Roth
Anti-Sovereigntism, Liberal Messianism, and Excesses in the Drive against Impunity | 17

Chandra Lekha Sriram
Universal Jurisdiction: Problems and Prospects of Externalizing Justice | 47

Jamie Mayerfeld
The Mutual Dependence of External and Internal Justice: The Democratic Achievement of the International Criminal Court | 71

Madeline Morris
The Disturbing Democratic Defect of the International Criminal Court | 109

Mark Drumbl
Juridical and Jurisdictional Disconnects | 119

Simon Chesterman
Justice under International Administration: Kosovo, East Timor and Afghanistan | 143

Nehal Bhuta
Great Expectations: East Timor and the Vicissitudes of Externalised Justice | 165


Frédéric Mégret
Three Dangers for the International Criminal Court: A Critical Look at a Consensual Project | 193

Jan Klabbers
Just Revenge? The Deterrence Argument in International Criminal Law | 249

Felix Herzog
Sentencing in International Law | 269

Florian Jessberger
Prosecuting International Crimes in Domestic Courts: A Look Back Ahead | 281

Virpi Koivu
Head-of-State Immunity v. Individual Criminal Responsibility under International Law | 305

Duncan Adrian French
The Interaction of Community and International Law: Similar, but Different, of Just DIfferent? | 331

Christine Gray & Simon Olleson
The Limits of the Law on the Use of Force: Turkey, Iraq and the Kurds | 355

Book Reviews

Hilary Charlesworth & Christine Chinkin, The Boundaries of International Law: A Feminist Analysis (Anja Lindroos & Merja Pentikäinen) | 411

Pieter H.F. Bekker, World Court Decisions at the Turn of the Millennium (1997–2001); Pieter H.F. Bekker, Commentaries on World Court Decisions (1987–1996) (Ruth Donner) | 418

William A. Schabas, Genocide in International Law: The Crime of Crimes (Marja Lehto) | 420

Eyassu Gayim, The Concept of Minority in International Law: A Critical Study of the Vital Elements (Timo Koivurova) | 426

Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri, Empire (Tommi Ralli) | 429

Nicholas K. Tsagourias, Jurisprudence of International Law: The Humanitarian Dimension (Pål Wrange) | 432

Outi Korhonen, International Law Situated: An Analysis of the Lawyer’s Stance Towards Culture, History and Community (Susan Marks) | 436

New Finnish Doctoral Dissertation in International Law

Timo Koivurova
Environmental Impact Assessment in the Arctic: A Study of the International Legal Norms Applicable to the Planning Stage of Environmentally Harmful Activities (lectio praecursoria, 24 November 2001) | 439

Statement by Eric Franckx | 443

In Memoriam

Heikki Jokela (Timo Esko) | 449

Kari Joutsamo (Heikki Kulla & Kauko Wikström) | 450

Frank Horn (Kari Hakapää) | 451

Recent Practice

Timo Makkonen
Case Note—When Two ‘Rights’ Made One ‘Wrong’: The Case of Jokela v. Finland | 455

Anna Sotaniemi
Elements of Finnish Practice 2001 | 461