Volume 13 (2002)

Symposium: Fundamental Aspects of Human Rights

Martti Koskenniemi
Introduction to the Human Rights Symposium | 3

Timothy Endicott
International Meaning: Comity in Fundamental Rights Adjudication | 5

María José Falcón y Tella
Legal Justification for Civil Disobedience? | 19

Alfred Fernandez
From an Idea to a Culture of Human Rights: Human Rights in the 21st Century | 35

Philippe Gérard
Human Rights and Democracy | 51

Jan Klabbers
Glorified Esperanto? Rethinking Human Rights | 63

Martti Koskenniemi
Human Rights, Politics, and Love | 79

Paul Gordon Lauren
The Evolution of International Human Rights and International Law | 95

Tecla Mazzarese
Is the Age of Rights at a Turning Point? | 107


Michael A. Mehling
Betwixt Scylla and Charybdis: The Concept of Effectiveness in International Environmental Law | 129

Dietrich Murswiek
The American Strategy of Pre-emptive War and International Law | 183

Robin Nordblad
Enforcement of World Trade Organization Law | 201

Maria Pohjanpalo
L’affaire des otages de l’île de Jolo du point de vue de la responsabilité internationale | 245

Jutta Brunnée and Stephen J. Toope
Persuasion and Enforcement: Explaining Compliance with International Law | 273

Book Reviews & Review Articles

Harry Jansson and Johannes Salminen (eds), The Second Åland Islands Question: Autonomy or Independence? (Ove Bring) | 299

Sarah Dromgoole (ed.), Legal Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage; National and International Perspectives; Patrick J. O’Keefe, Shipwrecked Heritage: A Commentary on the UNESCO Convention on Underwater Cultural Heritage (Kari Hakapää) | 302

Gregor Noll, Negotiating Asylum: The EU Acquis, Extraterritorial Protection and the Common Market of Deflection (Päivi Leino) | 305

David J. Bederman, International Law in Antiquity (Anna Pietiläinen) | 322

Antonio Cassese, International Law (Jarna Petman) | 328

A New Finnish Doctoral Dissertation in International Law

Tarja Långström
Transformation in Russia and International Law (lectio praecursoria, 18 May 2002) | 352

Statement by Rein Müllerson | 359

Recent Developments and State Practice

Anna Sotaniemi
Elements of Finnish Practice 2002 | 371