Volume 17 (2006)

Symposium: Post-ILC Debate on Fragmentation of International Law

Foreword | 3

Gabrielle Marceau
Fragmentation in International Law: The Relationship between WTO Law and General International Law — A Few Comments from a WTO Perspective | 5

Isabelle Van Damme
Some Observations about the ILC Study Group Report on the Fragmentation of International Law: WTO Treaty Interpretation against the Background of Other International Law | 21

Nele Matz-Lück
Harmonization, Systemic Integration, and ‘Mutual-Supportiveness’ as Conflict-Solution Techniques: Different Modes of Interpretation as a Challenge to Negative Effects of Fragmentation? | 39

Xue Hanquin
Fragmented Law or Fragmented Order? | 55

Christine Chinkin
Jus Cogens, Article 103 of the UN Charter and Other Hierarchical Techniques of Conflict Solution | 63

Alain Pellet
Comments in Response to Christine Chinkin and in Defense of Jus Cogens as the Best Bastion against the Excesses of Fragmentation | 83

Anne van Aaken
Fragmentation of International Law: The Case of International Investment Law | 91

Mario Prost
All Shouting the Same Slogans: International Law’s Unities and the Politics of Fragmentation | 131


Robert Brückmann
Kindergarten? The Interaction between the German Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights | 163

Leena Heinämäki
The Protection of the Environmental Integrity of Indigenous Peoples in Human Rights Law | 187

Veijo Heiskanen
Architexture: An Outline of an Alternative Philosophy of Global Governance | 233

André Nollkaemper
The Independence of the Domestic Judiciary in International Law | 261

Thomas Skouteris
The New Tribunalism: Strategies of (De)Legitimation in the Era of International Adjudication | 307

Book Reviews & Review Articles

David Kennedy, Of War and Law (Susan C. Breau) | 359

Marius Emberland, The Human Rights of Companies: Exploring the Structure of ECHR Protection (Jan Klabbers) | 377

Alexander Orakhelashvili, Peremptory Norms in International Law (Varro Vooglaid) | 380

New Finnish Doctoral Dissertations in International Law

Lotta Viikari
The Environmental Element in Space Law: Assessing the Present and Charting the Future (lectio praecursoria, 13 June 2007) | 390

Statement by Armel Kerrest | 395

Kamrul Hossain
Limits to Power? Legal and Institutional Control over the Competence of the United Nations Security Council under Chapter VII of the Charter (lectio praecursoria, 11 June 2007) | 399

Statement by Thilo Marauhn | 407

Recent Developments and State Practice

Juha Rainne
Elements of Finnish State Practice in 2005-2006, with Particular Reference to Finlands’s Presidency of the European Union | 419