Volume 19 (2008)

Symposium: International Law, the Environment and Power

Katja Keinänen and Kati Kulovesi
Introduction to the Special Theme: International Law, the Environment and Power | 1

Ellen Hey
Global Environmental Law | 5

Kati Kulovesi
Fragmented Landscapes, Troubled Relationships: The WTO Dispute Settlement System and International Environmental Law | 29

China Miéville
Multilateralism as Terror: International Law, Haiti and Imperialism | 63

Peter H. Sand
‘Scientific Whaling’: Whither Sanctions for Non-Compliance with International Law? | 93


Kirsten J. Fisher
Identifying Liability: Ambiguous Charges in International Criminal Law | 127

Jörg Kammerhofer
Systemic Integration, Legal Theory and the International Law Commission | 157

Marja Lehto
The Crime of Terrorism and the Emerging Framework of International Criminal Law: Reflections on the ‘Hierarchy of Evil’ | 183

Hannes Peltonen
Of Rights and Responsibilities: The Right of Humanitarian Intervention | 217

Akbar Rasulov
‘The Nameless Rapture of the Struggle’: Towards a Marxist Class-Theoretic Approach to International Law | 243

Kaarlo Tuori
The Law’s Farewell to the Nation State? | 295

René Urueña
In the Search of International Homo Economicus: Individual Agency and Rationality in Global Governance | 329

Book Reviews & Review Essays

Zenon Bankowski and James MacLean (eds), The Universal and the Particular in Legal Reasoning (Shakira Bedoya Sánchez) | 363

Simon Chesterman and Chia Lehnardt (eds), From Mercenaries to Market: The Rise and Regulation of Private Military Companies; Jackson Maogoto, Benedict Sheehy and Virginia K. Newell, Legal Control of the Private Military Corporation (Erkki Holmila) | 366

Paolo Galizzi and Alena Herklotz (eds), The Role of the Environment in Poverty Alleviation (Manuel Jiménez Fonseca) | 374

Chittharanjan F. Amerasinghe, Diplomatic Protection (Paavo Kotiaho) | 384

Farhana Yamin and Joanna Depledge, The International Climate Change Regime: A Guide to Rules, Institutions and Procedures; David Freestone and Charlotte Streck (eds), Legal Aspects of Implementingthe Kyoto Protocol Mechanisms: Making Kyoto Work (Kati Kulovesi) | 389

Cedric Ryngaert, Jurisdiction in International Law (Rain Liivoja) | 397

Mark Goodale (ed.), Human Rights: An Anthropological Reader (Reetta Toivanen) | 402

Dennis Patterson and Ari Afilalo, The New Global Trading Order: The Evolving State and the Future of World Trade (Silke Trommer) | 406

New Finnish Doctoral Dissertations in International Law

Viljam Engström
Understanding Powers of International Organizations: A Study of the Doctrines of Attributed Powers, Implied Powers and Constitutionalism – with a Special Focus on the Human Rights Committee | 415

Statement by Jan Klabbers | 421

Finnish State Practice

Virpi Laukkanen
Elements of Finnish State Practice in 2007–2008 | 433