Volume 2 (1991)


M. Fitzmaurice
New Developments in the Legal Regime of the Baltic Sea

Marja Lehto
Restrictions on Military Activities in the Baltic Sea: A Basis for a Regional Regime?

Katri Silfverberg
Suppression of the Traffic in Persons and the Exploitation of the Prostitution of Others

L.C. Green
The Intersection of Human Rights and International Criminal Law

Barry A. Feinstein
The Interception of Civilian Vessels at Sea in the Fight Against Terrorism: Legal Aspects

Juha Salo
Self-Determination: An Overview of History and Present State with Emphasis on the CSCE Process

Ruth Donner
Recent Developments in the Work of the International Court of Justice

Maurice Andem
International Law as an Evolutionary and Dynamic Legal System: with Special Reference to the New International Economic Order

Shorter Articles, Notes and Comments

Raimo Lahti
Life’s Beginnings: Law and Moral Dilemmas

Hans-Joachim Heintze
Problems bei der Völkerrechtlichen Kodifizierung der Menschenrechte: Überlegungungen aus Anlass der Inkrafttreitens der UN-Kinderkonvention

Johanna Jalas
Immigration into the European Community: The Community in Need of a Common Policy

Risto Pullat
The Restauration of the Independence of Estonia 1991

Book Reviews

Esa Paasivirta, Participation of States in International Contracts (Matti Pellonpää)

Documents and Reports on the International Relations of Finland

Lauri Hannikainen
How to Interpret, and What to Do to, the Treaty on Aircraft Seizures with the Soviet Union?

International Court of Justice: Case Concerning Passage Through the Great Belt (Finland v. Denmark). Request for the Indication of Provisional Measures. Order 29 July 1991

The Negotiations on the New Finnish-Soviet Treaty of Neighbourliness