Volume 20 (2009)

General Section

Martti Koskenniemi
Anniversary Article—FYBIL 20 Years On: The Case for Comparative International Law | 1

Viljam Engström
International Organizations, Constitutionalism and Reform | 9

Pekka Niemelä
The Day in the Life of Responsibility to Protect | 35

Magdalena Kmak
Limits of Sovereignty? Rethinking the Conflict between Human Rights and Immigration in the European Union | 53

Stiina Löytömäki
The Question of Collective Responsibility of France for Crimes Committed under Vichy | 83

Dimitris Efthymiou
Climate Change, Human Rights and Distributive Justice | 111

Phoebe Okowa
State and Individual Responsibility in International Conflicts: Contours of an Evolving Relationship | 143

Ragnar Nordeide
Fragmentation and the Leeway of the VCLT: Interpreting the ECHR in Light of Other International Law | 189

Special Section: Changing Futures? Science and International Law

Jan Klabbers
Introduction to Special Theme—Changing Futures? Science and International Law | 211

Allan Rosas
The Death of International Law? | 215

Anna Riddel
Scientific Evidence in the International Court of Justice: Problems and Possibilities | 229

Céline Lévesque
Science in the Hands of International Investment Tribunals: A Case for ‘Scientific due Process’ | 259

Maria Weimer
Policy Choice versus Science in Regulating Animal Cloning under the WTO Law | 291

Dhrubajyoti Bhattacharya
A. S. v. Hungary: A Case-Study in Adjucating Reproductive Health Claims and the Challenges posed by Interpreting Existent Human Rights Treaties | 333

Lisa Clarke
Global Health Public-Private Partnerships: Better Protecting against Disease but Creating a Gap in Responsibility under International Law | 349

Sophie Gambardella
The Role of Scientific Committees Within Regional Fishing Commissions | 373

Caroline E. Foster
The Consultation of Independent Experts by International Courts and Tribunals in Health and Environment Cases | 391

Book Reviews & Review Essays

I.H. Ph. Diederiks-Verschoor and Vladimir Kopal, An Introduction to Space Law (Jan Klabbers) | 421

William Twining (ed), Human Rights, Southern Voices: Francis Deng, Abdullahi An-Nai’m, Yash Gai and Upendra Baxi (Ukri Soirila)| 424

Andrew Fagan, Human Righs: Confronting Myths and Misunderstandings (Varro Vooglaid) | 429

New Finnish Doctoral Dissertations in International Law

Timo Makkonen
Equal in Law, Unequal in Fact: Racial and Ethnic Discrimination and the Legal Response thereto in Europe | 439

Statement by Cristopher McCrudden | 443

Venla Roth
Defining Human Trafficking, Identifying Its Victims: A Study on the Impact and Future Challenges of the International, European and Finnish Legal Response to Prostitution-Related Trafficking in Human Beings | 450

Statement by Ineke Boerefijn | 455

Kim Talus
Vertical Natural Gas Transportation Capacity, Upstream Commodity Contracts and EU Competition Law | 459

Statement by Leigh Hancher | 464

Ius Gentium Association | 467