Volume 22 (2011)

Debate: What is Critical Legal Practice?

Paavo Kotiaho
Introductory Note | 1

Bill Bowring
What is Radical in ‘Radical International Law’? | 3

Robert Knox
What is to be Done (With Critical Legal Theory)? | 31


Edward S. Cohen
Assessing the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on Transnational Financial Law and Regulation | 51

Padraig McAuliffe
From Molehills to Mountains (and Myths?): A Critical History of Transnational Justice Advocacy | 85

Martin Schaub
On the Primacy of the European Convention of Human Rights over Other International Treaties | 167

Ukri Soirila
Unidentified Victims of Sex-Trafficking and Foucauldian Biopower: A Study on (Finnish) Anti-Trafficking Discourses and Practices | 223

Owen Taylor
Reclaiming Revolution | 259

Book Reviews & Review Essays

Anna Hood
Antonios Tzanakopoulos, Disobeying the Security Council: Countermeasures against Wrongful Sanctions | 295

New Finnish Doctoral Dissertations in International Law

Rain Liivoja
An Axiom of Military Law: Applicability of National Criminal Law to Military Personnel and Associated Civilians Abroad | 303

Statement by Eyal Benvenisti | 307

Ius Gentium Association | 313