Volume 23 (2012-2013)

Rule of Law

Stephen Humphreys
The Rule of Law as Morality Play | 3

Florian Hoffmann
Revolution or Regression? Retracing the Turn to Rights in ‘Law and Development’ | 45


Maija Dahlberg
‘The Lack of Such a Common Approach’: Comparative Argumentation by the European Court of Human Rights | 73

Samuli Miettinen
Annulment in Action: How does the Court of Justice of the European Union Explain Maintaining the Legal Effects of Annulled Instruments? | 113

Ruth Donner
Jean Monnet, Treaties and Peace in Europe | 143

Sabine Frerichs
The Law of Market Society: A Sociology of International Economic Law and Beyond | 173

Padraig McAuliffe
Rhetoric and Realpolitik: Interrogating the Relationship between Transitional Justice and Socio-Economic Justice | 239

Henry Jones
The Radical Use of History in the Study of International Law | 309

Patrick C. R. Terry
The 1948 Recognition of the State of Israel by the USA and the USSR and International Law | 351

Panu Minkkinen
The Container and the Septic Tank: Statism, Life, and the Geopolitics of Territoriality | 389

Eva Kassoti
The Juridical Nature of Unilateral Acts in International Law | 411

Book Reviews

Tero Lundstedt
Milena Sterio, The Right to Self-determination under International Law: ‘Selfistans’, Secession, and the Rule of Great Powers | 463

Maria Pohjanpalo
Jorge E. Viñuales, Foreign Investment and the Environment in International Law | 469

New Finnish Doctoral Dissertations in International Law

Jarna Petman
Human Rights and Violence: the Hope and the Fear of the Liberal World

Statement by Conor Gearty | 477

Mónica García-Salmones
A Science of Interests: The Project of 20th Century Positivist International Law

Statement by Joseph Weiler | 489

Samuli Hurri
Birth of the European Individual: Outline of a Theory of Legal Practice

Statement by Emilios Christodoulidis | 499

Silke Trommer
Transformations in Trade Politics: West African Civil Society Participation in Economic Partnership Negotiations with the European Union

Statement by Susanne Soederberg | 509

Waliul Hasanat
Soft-law Cooperation in International Law: The Arctic Council’s Efforts to Address Climate Change

Statement by Betsy Baker | 519

Finnish State Practice

Virpi Laukkanen
Finnish State Practice in 2011–2012 | 533