Volume 3 (1992)


Vladimir-Djuro Degan
General Principles of Law (A Source of General International Law)

Juha-Pekka Rentto
Ius Gentium: A Lesson from Aquinas

Barry A. Feinstein
Boundaries and Security in International Law and State Practice

Otto Lagonday & Sigrun Reisner
Extradition Treaties, Human Rights and “Emergency-Brake”—Judgements: A Comparative European Survey

Benita Broms
The Rights of Indigenous Peoples: Recognition of Collective Rights

Juris Bojärs
The Citizenship and Human Regulation in the Republic of Latvia

Omer Y. Elagab
The International Legal Implications of the Situation in Northern Iraq–Kurdistan

Henry Hagen
Die Stellung der Sogenannten Entwicklungsländer im GATT/MTN System — Kritik eines einheitlichen Welt(handels)rechts

Shorter Articles, Notes and Comments

Veijo Heiskanen
Living on International Law

Kari Hakapää
The Importance and Credibility of International Law

Wolfgang Mincke
Völkerrecht und internationales Privatrecht: Normen oder Erkenntnisse als Grundlage des internationalen Privatrechts?

Klaus Stubkjaer
Nordic Investment Bank: From a Legal Point of View

Johanna Jalas
The Principle of Proportionality in the Law of the European Community

Practical Questions

William Tan & D. Wilde
China Business Strategy Report

Book Reviews

Lauri Hannikainen, Raija Hanski & Allan Rosas, Implementing Humanitarian Law Applicable in Armed Conflicts: The Case of Finland (Juha Salo)

Documents and Reports on the International Relations of Finland

Passage Through the Great Belt: Dispute between Finland and Denmark

Bengt Broms
The New Treaties between Finland and Russia