Volume 4 (1993)


A. Mouri
Striking a Balance Between the Finality of Awards and the Right to a Fair Judgment: What Is the Contribution of the Iran–U.S. Claims Tribunal?

Veijo Heiskanen
Theory and Meaning of the Law Applicable in International Commercial Arbitration

Vladimir-Djuro Degan
State Succession: Especially in Respect of State Property and Debts

Marja Lehto
Succession of States in the Former Soviet Union: Arrangements Concerning the Bilateral Treaties of Finland and the USSR

Valentin N. Fissenko & Igor V. Fissenko
The Charter of Cooperation

Antti Korkeakivi
Peoples’ Rights: An Overview

L. G. Loucaides
Restrictions or Limitations on the Rights Guaranteed by the European Convention on Human Rights

Anu Riila
The Varfolomeyev Case

Greg Hunt & Derrick Wilde
Misrule of Law: The 1990 Constitution of the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Fiji

Shorter Articles, Notes and Comments

Raimo Pekkanen
Freedom of Expression According to the European Convention on Human Rights

Omer Y. Elagab
Violations of Human Rights in the Sudan: Some Aspects

Kari Hakapää
Implementation of the New International Seabed Regime — Past and Present

Practice, Documents and Reports on the International Relations of Finland

A. Current Practice

Martin Scheinin
Finnish Judicial Decisions Involving Questions of International Law, January 199 0– June 1992

Leif Berg
Applications Against Finland Before the European Commission of Human Rights: The First Three Years

B. Historic Section

Finnish Ships Arbitration — Arbitral Agreement of September 30, 1932 Between His Majesty’s Government in the United Kingdom and the Government of Finland; Arbitral Award of May 9, 1934