Volume 8 (1997)


Malcolm Dando
The Development of International Legal Constraints on Biological Warfare in the 20th Century

Kari T. Takamaa
Aspects of Procedure and Jurisprudence of the Asian Develpment Bank Administrative Tribunal 1991–1996

Jan Klabbers
Some Problems Regarding the Object and Purpose of Treaties

Timo Koivurova
The Transnational EIA Procedure of the Espoo Convention

Malgosia Fitzmaurice
The Sámi People: Current Issues Facing an Indigenous People in the Nordic Region

Shorter Articles, Notes and Comments

Ruth Donner
Discontinuance of Proceeding in the International Court of Justice: Six Recent Cases

Pirkko Kourula
Refugee Definition and International Protection Revisited: Lectio Praecursoria

Petra Hagelstam
Soldiers of Fortune in Bosnia: The Casagrande Incident

Anna-Lena Sjölund
Criteria for Establishing an International Armed Conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina: An Analysis of the Tadic Judgement in the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia

Anja Lindroos
The Role of Euratom in the Non-Proliferation Regime

S. A. Malinin
Operation of Rules of the International Law in the Territory of Russia under the 1993 Constitution

Marko Wuorinen
The Cross-Retaliation in the WTO Dispute Setlement System: Can the European Communities Benefit from It?

Tuuli Junkkari
State Liability: A Tool to Narrow the Gap between the European Union and its Citizens

Linda A. J. Senden
Article 119, the Equal Treatment Principle and the Concepts of Direct and Indirect Discrimation in Community Sex Equality Law

Book Reviews

Lauri Hannikainen & Frank Horn (eds), Autonomy and Demilitarisation in International Law: The Åland Island in a Changing Europe (Mathias Schulze Steinen)

Athanassia Spiliopoulou Åkermark, Justifications of Minority Protection in International Law (Jan Klabbers)

Maurizio Ragazzi, The Concept of International Obligations Erga Omnes (Jan Klabbers)

Jürgen Bröhmer, State Immunity and the Violations of Human Rights (Ruth Donner)

Roberto Bergalli & Colin Sumner (eds), Social Control and Political Order: European Perspectives at the End of the Century (Kirsti Piispanen)

The Legal Developments in Finland and State Practice

Helena Ranta and Antti Penttilä
Finnish Forensic Expert Team in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Matti Wiberg and Kirsti Piispanen
The Guards Guarded by Almost Nobody: The Political Control of the Finnish Suojelupoliisi [Security Police] 1945-1996

Paul Van Aerschot
The Privatization of Social Services

Leo Liukkonen (ed.)
The Finnish Practice on International Conventions, Treaties and Agreements

  • A. List of International Treaties, Agreements and Related Legal Instruments Governing the International Relations of Finland, Published in the Finnish Treaty Series (FTS) in 1997
  • B. List of International Treaties, Agreements and Related Legal Instruments Concerning Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms to Which Finland Was a Party in 1997
  • C. List of International Treaties, Agreements and Related Legal Instruments Concerning Warfare and Arms to Which Finland Was a Party in 1997