Volume 9 (1998)

Special Section — Selected Proceedings from the “Symposium on Global Goverance, United Nations and the Role of International Law”, Helsinki, 27–29 August 1998

Opening Session

Speech by the President of the Republic of Finland Martti Ahtisaari at the Opening Session of the Symposium | 5

The First Session

James Crawford
Prospects for the Codification and Development of Internatinal Law by the United Nations | 9

David Kennedy
Putting the Politics Back in International Politics | 17

The Second Session

Thomas M. Franck
Is Collective Security through the U.N. Still Feasible? | 29

Hilary Charlesworth
The Inadequacy of ‘Collective Security’ | 39

Dick A. Leurdijk
Is Collective Security through the UN Still Feasible? | 47

The Third Session

Benjamin Bassin
Reform of the Economic and Social Aspects of the UN System | 55

Bruno Simma
Global Governance, UN Reform and the Place of Law | 61

Yanping Gao
The Future Role of Some International Judicial Bodies | 67

Susan Marks
Democratic Celebration, Democratic Melancholy | 73

The Fourth Session

Anthony Aust
The Future of the Judicial Function | 81

Eero J. Manner In Memoriam

Eero J. Manner as a Lawyer (Kari Hakapää & Martti Metsälampi) | 87

Eero J. Manner as a Friend (Shabthai Rosenne) | 89

In Memoriam Judge Eero J. Manner (Kari T. Takamaa) | 91


Malcolm Dando
The Negotiation of a Verification Protocol to the Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention: January 1995–December 1998 | 95

Thomas D. Grant
A Panel of Experts for Chechnya: Purposes and Prospects in Light in International Law | 145

Tarja Långström
‘War Trophies’ from World War II in Russia: Robbery or Restitution? | 249

Tapio Puurunen
The Committee on Amnesty of the South African Truth and Reconsiliation Commission: A New Model for Conflict Resolution | 297

Elina Kalkku
The United Nations Authorisation to Peace Enforcement with the Use of Armed Forces in the Light of the Practice of the Security Council | 349

Shorter Articles, Notes and Comments

Cornelio Sommaruga
International Humanitarian Law: Even Wars Have Limits | 407

Kai Ambros
The International Criminal Court and the Traditional Principles of International Cooperation in Criminal Matters | 413

Sven-U. Burkhardt
The ICTY Approach Towards International and Internal Armed Conflicts | 427

Jutta Numminen
Violence à l’Égard des Femmes en Situation de Conflit armé | 453

Jan Klabbers
On Cognac and Cigars: A Plea for Good Old-fashioned Diplomacy | 475

Satu Heikkilä
Prohibition of the Retroactive Application of Legislative Measures in the European Community Law | 483

Book Reviews, Responses and Discussion

Should Normativity Be Our Only Concern? (Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark) | 505

A Response to a Book Review (Maurizio Ragazzi) | 509

A Rejoinder to Maurizio Ragazzi (Jan Klabbers) | 510

The Legal Developments in Finland and State Practice

Leo Liukkonen, Kari T. Takamaa & Maija Karvinen
The Finnish Practice on International Conventions, Treaties and Agreements | 511

Jukka Lindstedt
Capital Punishment in Finland During World War II | 561

Abbreviations | 569

Acknowledgements | 575